About Gong Baths

Sounds surround us and it is sometimes hard to escape in a large busy city such as London. We are constantly being vibrated by sound frequencies. Sound affects us on a cellular level and impacts our physical and mental well-being. Our nervous systems are over-loaded by noise pollution whilst we yearn for silence and peace.

Through the sounds of a gong bath we are able to bring balance to the nervous system and restore the bodies natural rhythms. The Gong is an ancient therapeutic instrument which can be used in Kundalini Yoga, Sound Mediation and Sound Healing. The sound vibrations are nutrients for the nervous system which can in turn stimulate the brain to heal itself. The sound of the gong vibrates in every cell of the body bringing about the peace and an inartistic state of balance. (remembering the original self).

I play the gong as a mediation tool to de-stress the body and mind. Gong mediations or baths are ideal for the stimulation of the glandular system and to unblock emotional blocks and blocks in our energy centres or chakras. The term 'Bath' refers to the sound waves washing over you for the ultimate relaxation.

The Venus Gong is tuned using the calculations of Hans Cousto (The Cosmic Octave) to match and produce the frequency of the planet Venus.

Venus represents Love and has been remarkably important in Mythology (Goddess), Art, Astrology and Literature. Venus embodies the flow of abundance, love, joy, peace, beauty and harmony in life.


For more information on the effects of Gong sounds please read the following article,

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