Terms & Conditions

Agreement between user and Dharma Yoga Lifestyle Limited.

The Dharma Yoga Lifestyle Limited website is comprised of various web pages operated by Dharma Yoga Lifestyle Limited.

Online Purchases are non transferrable and must be purchased for the published date the yoga class, gong bath or art workshop is taking place. No refunds can be made for 'no shows' after this time.

Gong baths are closed classes and must be paid for in advance. No late admittances or drop-ins please.

If you attend a yoga class on a 'drop in' basis, we cannot guarantee that a space will be available for you. We reserve the right to refuse admission if the class is full.

If you attend a yoga class, gong bath or art workshop intoxicated through the use of drugs or alcohol, we reserve the right to refuse admission to the class.

If a yoga class, gong bath or art workshop needs to be cancelled by Dharma Yoga and Art, every effort will be made to provide a space at a later date or a refund offered.

It is your responsibility to tell your instructor of any injuries or medical issues that may be relevant before practising Kundalini Yoga and for keeping them updated throughout the course. If you are unsure whether or not you can undertake a yoga class, please seek advice of a medical Professional.

If you are pregnant of become aware that you are pregnant during a course, you must tell your instructor as soon as possible.

By attending our yoga classes you understand your own body's challenges and take full responsibility for your own practise.

Dharma Yoga and Art is not responsible for the safekeeping your personal effects. By partaking in our classes you understand that the classes may be physically strenuous and voluntarily participate in them with the full knowledge that there may be a risk of personal injury, property loss or death.

If you attend a class with Dharma Yoga and Art you will be asked to fill in a registration form and we will assume that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions.


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