Divine Feminine Mala



Divine Feminine Mala

The Divine Feminine Mala combines the natural earthy tones and fragrance of hand carved sandalwood beads and deep orange Carnelian beads. 

Wearing Carnelian is said to lift our spirits and ground us spiritually.

This 108 bead Jap Mala has a large large Carnelian Guru bead, 10 cm long luxurious silky cotton tassel that has a metallic golden thread flowing through it.

This mala is perfect for meditation and carrying the mantra meditations wherever you go. Wear it around your neck or wrist for a splash of warm tones on your Kundalini Yoga whites.

Materials & Size

Length including Guru Bead 19.5 inches excluding tassel. 108 bead, 10cm long silky cotton tassel with gold metallic thread.

Image is not to scale
When out of stock malas can still be purchased with expected delivery time around 20 days.  Please email me to order, info@dharmayogalifestyle.com

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