The Divine Goddess Garnet and Pink Tiger Eye with Rudraksha see Guru bead



The Divine Goddess Garnet and Pink Tiger Eye with Rudraksha see Guru bead 

Chakras alignment - Base Chakra Heart Chakra
Planet – Mars
Birthstone January 
Element – Fire

Red Garnet Love and commitment.
Red Garnet represents love, it is said to cleanse and re-energise the chakras. It revitalises, purifies and balances energy opening the heart and bestows self-confidence.  It revitalises feelings and enhances sexuality, bringing warmth, devotion, understanding, trust, sincerity and honesty to a relationship. We introduced pink tiger eye into the design which also correlates to the base chakra, element Fire. A stimulating stones representing protection of the divine feminine creativity . 

The  5 Mukhi Rudraksha Guru bead is for wellbeing worn by mystics and ancient sages for its healing properties and unique vibration

Sohavi's mala bead necklaces are beautifully hand strung and designed to style your wardrobe in any season. 

We hope that you will wear, meditate and chant on your Sohavi mala to create the vibration to uplift your spirit. 

Materials & Size

Length including Guru Bead 19.5 inches excluding tassel. 108 bead, 10cm long silky cotton tassel with gold metallic thread.

Image is not to scale

When out of stock malas can still be purchased with expected delivery time around 20 days. Please email me to order,

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