Kundalini Yoga Hairband

i can c u


Hairband, for your kundalini yoga practice, handmade by i can c u

The hairband is a great alternative to a turban, it covers a lot of the head, the crown and is especially for those who do not like the head fully covered. 

It is made of organic cotton and bamboo superjersey and very comfortable to wear. It is also breathable, and airing will be sufficient for quite a while.

. handmade
. made of organic cotton and bamboo super jersey (46-46-8%)
. about 27cm long
. wash inside out, with similar colours, on a cool cycle with mild detergent
. the fabric does not like heat, also do not tumble dry
. made with love

i can c u is a small independent fashion label that specialises in kundalini yoga wear. The first choice of material would be organic cotton, as it matters what you wear all day. 

Martina is the model and creator of i can c u

Sat Nam 

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